We blend BBQ rubs

Red Rooster Spice Company will custom blend your recipe!

Why spend your time blending your recipe when we can do it for you? Does your recipe lack consistency?  Always running out?

We custom blend spices for hundreds of restaurants, BBQ competition teams and brand companies.  Best of all we do this under a non-disclosure so no one knows and we can't share your recipes.

Are you a:


  • BBQ restaurant
  • BBQ competition team
  • Steak restaurant
  • Entreprenuer with a unique blend

Red Rooster can blend your recipe and pack the finished product in the following:

  • 50 lb box
  • Resturant size plastic containers 1 & 5 pound jugs
  • Plastic bag any quantity - 10 pound Min.
  • Retail size for resale

Red Rooster prides ourself in purchasing and packaging only the Highest Grade of Spices and Herbs! You can See, Taste and Smell the difference.

Contact us at sales@redroosterbbq.com or 609 838-1717